Roadtosteem daily post: from the roof terrace

# Want to win the lotery…? Send 1 steem to @gatillo with the memo: “loteria” and play. # Quieres ganrte la loteria de reveur? Envia un Steem a @gatillo con el memo: “loteria” y juega… Si no te ganas al menos un votico te tiramos… Que coño esperas ?

Botman Show, loterías y problemas financieros

Hey, so yesterday i left home in the center of France and dorve 1100 Km to the south, the reason i found a temporary job as a chef for 15 days. ![photo5904725918079889197.jpg]( > I still have the BOTmobile… my wife was kind enough to pay the next three months to BMW Finance in exchange for…