Weekly Summary. 12/11/18 to 18/11/18


Resumen Semanal. 12/11/18 al 18/11/18


As usual week by week, we bring you the activity report of the Castellano Conglomerate. In it, we will have the opportunity to share with all of you the achievements and actions made throughout the week by our work team.

Publications Made



Usuarios Ejemplares | @joedukeg

Remarkable Users |@joedukeg

Returns Exemplary Users, more loaded than ever and replete with excellent characters of the chain ready to be known by all the world. In this opportunity we have an old friend of the house. Joe, a talented young man, entrepreneur and dreamer with a great project called @celfmagazine. It is part of our allied communities, supported by @sndbox and many other whales. In this interview he tells us about his experiences as the founder of a successful cultural enterprise within the chain of blocks. If you have the soul of an entrepreneur and want to learn from someone who knows about it, don’t hesitate to read this publication.


Translation of our edition of Exemplary Users into English dedicated to the entire English-speaking community of the platform.


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Sonday  Resumen Semanal
Monday  Weekly Summary
Thursday Usuarios Ejemplares
Friday Remarkable Users
Sonday Resumen Semanal


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