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Welcome to our issue of Exemplary Users, activity of the @castellano conglomerate where the entire Spanish-speaking community is presented with an exceptional user who deserves to be recognized by all. The aim of this activity is to serve as a podium for users who bring value to the chain of Steem blocks.

In this opportunity we will introduce you to…


I’m co-founder and general manager of @celfmagazine, my performance at STEEM revolves around community-building, I like everything that has to do with generating proposals to encourage the participation of users of the platform and valuable content.

I’m part of Cohorte 2 of @sndbox, an incubator for communities, creatives, artists and bloggers, there I have gained experience to develop better on the platform, understanding its operation and the tools it gives us all.

I do sporadic work in @fundition as one of its ambassadors in Venezuela, working side by side with founders who want to launch their crowdfounding campaigns; very recently I started with @anavalecillos and his short film Lienzos. If you have a project in mind and you want to publish it in fundition, write me by discord: joedukeg#2875, I am to order


What topics do you talk about in your personal blog?




Defining a style for your blog is something very important, if you want to create an audience and be successful, my blog is a disaster, the nemesis of defining a style and an audience to address, I talk about what I feel like no matter who reads it.

In the beginning I uploaded videos playing guitar and some attempts of opinion articles, nowadays it’s a desert full of *resteems* of the projects I’m part of or articles I liked.

I’m thinking about making vlogs soon.


Where does your passion for art come from?


Art is a manifestation of who we are, it is a language, a means of communication; of transmitting our desires, our beliefs, fears, values and paradigms. My passion for art comes from my love of mystery, curiosity and uncertainty. In spite of perceiving the phenomenon of art, I also know that I will never give the right answer, I will never fully understand it, for me art constitutes a range of sensations that will never be disrupted by my intellect, and there resides its value.


Tell us roughly about @celfmagazine. What is it?


We believe that the world of art and culture needs to generate a decentralized and communitarian model that provides it with less than speculative value, in order to foster the growth of artists individually and collectively through STEEM.


What inspired you to found @celfmagazine?

To be honest, I didn’t feel inspired at all, I was just trying to find a solution to a problem; @celfmagazine is an art-focused project and curiously it was born as part of art does, without much planning, *strokes*, trial and error.

As a team we would meet several mornings a week, to discuss how to put such an abstract idea into practice.

What is the current status of the project, and what are its short, medium and long term goals?


Our current state could be interpreted as a constant effort to make a name for ourselves and get a foothold in the art community at STEEM to meet their needs without neglecting those of the platform.

In a more specific way, we are developing 3 projects. 1) Caza Cultura in collaboration with @bicicleta, a section of our magazine with the purpose of sharing in Steem content about spaces and characters of Latin American art and culture. 2) EDA – [OPENING AREA] A collaborative section to reflect, express an opinion and learn about art and culture. 3) The #celfchallenge, contests designed to reward artists on STEEM while encouraging community participation and collaboration.


What rewards those Hispanic users who want to undertake a project on the platform?


First of all, read the STEEM whitepaper, there it is. It’s no use doing a project with very good intentions if you don’t know where you’re standing.

STEEM’s engine is a very free-market economy; my recommendation is that you find a need in the users, or in the platform, and develop an idea to satisfy those needs.


Thanks again to all of you for your support. And we hope that this new tool, available to everyone, will be profitable and will become another little block that will bring us closer to building the nation we all want…

How to Participate


1. We have constant contact with independent curators and various projects. Any talent that deserves to shine will be communicated to us and we will make sure that it is valued by our more than a thousand followers.

2. Despite the above, the most effective way to be chosen for this dynamic, is to participate actively in @castellano publications, contributing ideas and supporting the different users who will use the witness as a platform where to be heard.

– Note: It is not necessary to vote, resteem or follow our blog. However, if you wish to support us in this way, your contribution will be welcome. Remember that it is your support that motivates us to keep working.


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