BOTMAN I’m a cook and i like it

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# In my introductory post i explained i’m an engineer.

But earlier this year I had a few health problems and I am unable to go off shore any more, A few years ago I joined a venture that i loved… I started my own restaurant in France and it was very successful, but I sold it for family reasons and now that i can’t work in oil for a while… I am exploring my real passion…

# Cooking!
I left home escaping a nasty divorce and two beatufull children and came to the south of france where i am cooking my way out of the sadness and depression i felt.

# I feel good!
Today i Got a nice appartment in the center of the town (it is crumbling down but it has charm) and i bought the plane ticket for my girl friend who is coming to visit and spend 3 months with me.. .

I need to work my arse off as opposed with oil where i was paid my wieght in gold, but i feel happy.

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