Weekly Summary 08/13/18 to 08/19/18

Weekly Summary 08/13/18 to 08/19/18

Week after week, we feel the need to bring you a summary report of the @castellano Witness, in which we hope to share all the activities and achievements that we reached over the week.

This week’s posts

Sing it! Consigue Más Apoyo

Sing it! Found more support!

Castellano needs your help.

Allanando el camino de líderes


  • Sing it! Consigue Más Apoyo:

    Remember the karaoke contest that @castellano is sponsoring? Well, we have good news: The rewards have increased! The Witness @coff33a has decided to support the contest thus increasing the rewards to distribute to 15 STEEM.

English translation of Sing it! Get more support where the entire English speaking community is informed about the new rewards to be distributed in the @betamusic karaoke contest.

Publication in English where we share a summary of what we are doing for the Steem blockchain, and request support to continue with our work.

  • Allanando el camino de líderes:

    Return Users Speak In @castellano, this time we bring to all of you the ideas on what should be the leadership in the  Steem blockchain from the user @julioccordero.


We have had a good week. It has been quite productive, we celebrated together with @betamusic and all the singers that participate in the Sing It! Contest, we spread the great ideas on leadership of @julioccordero and participated in the Steemit Ramble Witness Chat Activity hosted by @shadowspub; It has been a great pleasure for us to meet other witnesses and share our ideas representing the entire Hispanic community.

This week’s schedule

Day Activity
Monday Resumen Semanal
Tuesday Weekly Summary
Wednesday Allanando caminos de Líderes (Inglés)
Thursday Los Usuarios Hablan en @castellano
Saturday Resumen Semanal

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