DIY: Cleaning a kitchen extractor fan because BOTman is bored.

DIY: Cleaning a kitchen extractor fan because BOTman is bored.

The worse enemy of any kitchen is the humidity and Grease

Even those hippies that cook fat free would be surprised of the amount of the stuff that finds its way into every canny and nook possible.

If left unattended it solidifies, isolates electrical contacts and can even become a fire risk.

The extractor fan on top of the stove is the favorite place for grease to attach itself on a home kitchen and it can as was happening in the place i am in stop the extractor from working and it can attach to the fan blades, unbalance the motor and eventually lead to motor overheating and would act also as fuel for the resulting fire… Nice isn’t it ?

Most fires in professional kitchens are due to lack of proper maintenance of the extractors and it doesn’t matters how many times you wash the filters, the motor and the fan itself will get full of the stuff as well as the extraction tube and disgustingly gross most of all… old grease droplets could fall into your food…

#I‘m guessing you never thought it was so critical that thing on top of your cooking fire he?

happily most extractors are quite easy to disassembly if you are handy with a screwdriver and most parts can be safely degreased and cleaned using 90 proof alcohol or just put twice in your dishwasher.

Watch the video and the accompanying pictures to have and idea.













Now is back on, clean and working properly.#


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