BOTman Recipes:  Deconstructing a Spanish tortilla for fun

BOTman Recipes: Deconstructing a Spanish tortilla for fun

I like cooking and i appreciate flavor, taste, texture, but most of all respect of the original recipe.

Since the new wave of bullshit avant-garde cooking and all these TV shows that push people to look for impossible ways of experiencing eating i love making fun of the ridiculous efforts made by chefs everywhere to present tradiotional stuff in a different way.

Ferran Adria is the worse of all… He thinks he is god and has screwed every single traditional spanish dish into an impossible pile of shit… look here:

From this:

To this:

Now Ferran, if eating michelin star food is expected to be an organoleptic experience, you cannot turn my grand mother recipe and Spain national dish into a bloody martini…

Where are you leaving the chewing, the texture, the creaminess, the softness with undertones of crunch that the original recipe has ?

My father almost cried when he saw that thing, and told me to watch this video: