BOTman Recipes: Garlic Soup (Sopa Castellana)

BOTman Recipes: Garlic Soup (Sopa Castellana)

Since I’m a bot maker and head developper for @castellano witness and got bored of writting in spanish to scrape myself vote i will try from now on to post in english a little bit.

But since i want to use the tag Castellano and old habits are hard to break i decided to make this english post about one of my grand mother’s war dishes…


The Garlic soup or Castellana soup comes from the spanish civil war recipe book when many people had only stale bread and a few cloves of garlic in their hands to feed whole families.

It might sound weird but today you find it in the menu of michelin star restaurants and it has been revisited in many ways.

My grand mother passed away a few years ago and ever since my father has been deprived of her mastery cookery and since i am a chaf and i learnt from her a lot of her recipes and i happen to be visiting dad this summer i made a few specialties for him and his wife on their 23rd wedding anniversary.


I did it as a special treat wearing my full chef uniform in their kitchen with the means at hand and i put special care into reproducing my grand mother touch while revisiting the presentation and making noble a traditional war dish,.

They loved it and it got a lot of praising


The recipe



About 300 grams of stale bread and half a head of garlic, 20 cc of extra virgin olive oil and some half salt butter and half an onion, a branch of rosmary and 1 egg per serving (these quantities make for three servings so three eggs)

Cut the bread in small pieces avoiding to convert everything into a pile of crumbles. (reserve about 50 grams to make croutons)

Peel and chop the garlic in tiny bits.

You want the bread to give some consistency and no one enjoys a whole garlic clove in mouth.


Pour the olive oil in a deep pan or a pot and heat it on medium fire once hot add some smoky spanish paprika (the Angel brnd gives it the caracteristic flavour of Asturian Chorizo) once the paprika is activated take the oil to just before smoking point.

Add the bread and stir with energy until it has abosorved most of the oil and got colored with the parpika.

Then make a hole in the middle and add the chopped garlic.


Add some water and stir slowly to avoid destroying the bread.


Cover the pot and reduce the heat to medium and let it simmer so the garlic infuses into the whole.

Heat a smaller pan and melt some butter with a drizzle of olive oil at middle to low heat.


Add the half onion diced in brunoise and part of the branch of rosmary and let it cook slowly so all the flavor gets into the butter.


Cut carefully the rest of the bread in 5mm cubes fish out the onions trying to leave most of the butter in the pan, add the onions to the soup, take the heat to medium high and fry the croutons (the dices of bread you just made)


Then we will poach some eggs

Which is beyond the scope as it is a recipe on its own and the bar where i am writting this has so bad personnel waiting tables that i feel an urge to move somewhere else…. (3.5 minutes is the sweet spot for poached eggs)


Serve the soup in a dish, add the poached egg, put the croutons around the egg, pierce the egg with the tip of the rosmary branch


The bread gives it something to chew on, the egg gives protein and poached a creamy dimension, the croutons add for a crunchy feeling…

That i call: Matices what i mean are undertones that help balance the experience beyond just taste.

My dad veredict was that is tasted the same as granny’s and had a plus…

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