Weekly Summary 06/25/18 to 07/01/18

Weekly Summary 06/25/18 to 07/01/18

Weekly Summary 06/25/18 to 07/01/18


Week after week, we feel the need to bring you a summary report of the @castellano Witness, in which we hope to share all the activities and achievements that we reached over the week.


This week’s posts

Weekly Summary (06/18/18 to 06/24/18)

Project of dreamers



We started the week with our frequent translation of the weekly summary post. We share all the achievements of the week and mention the post we will do (although we didn’t manage to make them. We`ll tell you why).


This post was hanging to post it from the moment @jimhutch, the original author, published this amazing work. All we wanted to do with it was making a translated version of itself, to share this perfect overview of some of the projects spins around @castellano witness. This is the kind of post who perfectly fit in the #witness-update tag, which is why we assume to translate, so other communities could reach to it, spread the word and go farther.


  • Mistakes:

This was a week of experiments. When you undertake a new earthly path, you are blind in some way, and it takes you many tries after you hit the target. We were experimenting with our BOT’s settings and commanding, preparing the stage to what is coming, and without noticing, a serious amount of post began to publish in a couple of minutes. Unfortunately we realized it after the 4th post, but we are working to solve this and to optimize the tools we are developing to make your Blockchain experience more pleasant.

The good and the bad


As we mention before, the experiments didn’t go as planned and make us having four (4) undesirable posts on our blog. Unfortunately, it’s an irreversible damage, however, we acquired an invaluable knowledge trough this error, and that is more meaningful to us than the aesthetic look of our feed. That been clear, we are still working to optimize this problems and update our new achievements and good news’s to share it with all of you.

Basically that is the reason why we didn’t make the posts scheduled for last week.  We had a week full of behind the scene work. Some of the things we were making was looking for new alliances to have new opportunities to support our Hispanic community, and that has been reflected in our lack of time in order to meet with the schedule. Even so, we assure you that sacrifices were worthy. We want but we cannot even make it public for now, but we promise good things are coming to all of us.

Post Schedule


Day         Activity
 Monday.  Weekly summary.
 Wednesday.                      Remarkable users (Spanish).
 Thursday.            Remarkable users.
 Sunday.                                     Weekly summary (Spanish).



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